At Lakeland Senior High School students can enjoy a rich learning environment that can be filled with a  wide variety of classes, clubs, community service opportunities, and athletics. This can assist in broadening your portfolio to achieve Lakeland Senior High School’s ultimate goal of sending their students to higher education while maintaining academic excellence.

Please Note: Bill (SB 0684) will be in effect 2017-2018 so be sure to sign up for your academy classes.

For student updates and schedules please click here to see our calendar.

For Class scheduling and updates please refer to your Guidance Counselor.

Marsh, Katie Counselor :: A-Do Guidance Email
Benningfield, Amy Counselor :: Dr-Kl Guidance Email
Gonzalez, Febe Counselor :: Kn-Ri Guidance Email
Aalberg, Debra Counselor  :: Ro-Z Guidance Email
Chambers, Lesley Counselor :: Harrison Students Guidance Email


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