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“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.” That’s the conclusion of A New Wave of Evidence, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002). The report, a synthesis of research on parent involvement over the past decade, also found that, regardless of family income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to:

  • Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs
  • Be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school
  • Graduate and go on to post-secondary education

Get Involved

Dress Code Enforcement

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter is to inform you of the dress code policy that will be taking place at Lakeland Senior High School and Harrison School for the Arts for the 2014 – 2015 school year. We assure you that this policy adheres to the Polk County School District Code of Conduct. The policy will be in effect as of Monday, August 18, 2014 which is the first day of school for students.

The following clothing items will not be allowed to be worn during the regular school day:

  • Running shorts / short shorts
  • Cutoffs, rips, tears or holes in shorts or pants, running shorts / short shorts
  • Yoga style pants, tights or jeggings*
    • **can be worn as an accessory but NOT as an item of clothing
  • Hats, hoods and head coverings
  • All clothing should be of appropriate size and fit properly

Not adhering to the school dress code policy will result in disciplinary action per the Code of Conduct.

We encourage you to visit either the school website or the school district website to review the dress code section, as well as the entire Code of Conduct for the Polk County School District. We appreciate you working with us in regard to this policy as we prepare for a successful and positive school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Leigh Guenther, Assistant Principal. If he is not available, any member of the Lakeland Senior High School or Harrison School for the Arts administrative team will be happy to assist you.


Lakeland Senior High School Administration
Harrison School for the Arts Administration



InnerAct Alliance, formerly the Drug Prevention Resource Center, is  proud to have provided substance abuse prevention to the Hardee,  Highlands and Polk County communities since 1985. The 501(c)(3)  nonprofit agency offers services including science-based education in  elementary and middle schools, teen-driven social marketing,  informative presentations and family-oriented awareness events that  touch the lives of youth, parents, families, businesses, faith-based  organizations, community groups and others in need with an important  substance abuse message.

Call InnerAct Alliance at (863) 802-0777 today to inquire about our Prevention Education Programs & Services available FREE of charge to groups, businesses, schools, churches, and organizations!  Website


Parents Guide to Teen Parties

There are many pressures drawing youth to the use of cigarettes, alcohol and other harmful drugs. The strongest pressure on the young adult are social/societal and the need for group acceptance. Social gatherings help to magnify the pressure. Click here for a Parents’ guide to teen parties and other social issues.

Opt-In to Receive Important Messages from Your Child’s School

Polk County Public Schools’ telephone notification system allows us to connect with our parents and guardians by sending various school-related messages that can range from upcoming school events to emergency situations.

In order to stay connected, we need your permission to continue calling you with our SchoolMessenger system for non-emergency school situations.

To stay connected, we need you to opt-in as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you do not give us permission, we will no longer be able to use our automated voice dialing systemto contact you.

You can grant your permission by visiting the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter website at  and following the quick, easy steps.

To sign in or create an account, click “Sign Up” on the top right menu.

You must have an email address on file in order to participate in the opt-in process. If you have not provided an email address as part of your student’s parent information, contact the school office to update your student’s records.

Helpful Guide for Accessing LHS Resources

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(Highway 98)

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  • Deans
  • School Resource Officers
    • SRO OJ Wesley
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  • Clinic
  • Student Financial Obligations

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