We are in our 5th year rebuilding our program and have been growing and developing every year.  Student numbers started around 25 in our first year and are now upwards of 70 students in our chorus classes. We offer opportunities for our students to grow and develop as vocal musicians while learning the vocal technique as a solo singer and as an ensemble singer.

Students learn about how the voice works and what affects it helping or stunting their vocal growth.  Our students are exposed to a plethora of different musical genres and are taught to sing in multiple languages and styles.  They are given the opportunity to go on several event trips to perform at places including Disney and professional baseball games as well as singing for judges who will critique and rate them against standards for music that may lead to scholarships and bigger things after high school.


Regina Register
Director of Chorus
Lakeland Senior High School
726 Hollingsworth Rd
Lakeland, Fl 33801