Multimedia Communications Academy

Students and Parents

Our Philosophy

The Multimedia Communications Academy is focused on exposing students to forms of technology that are standard for industries involving web, video, journalism, and game design. We want to improve upon the way students problem solve as well as how they work with others. Our teaching points are matched with the needs of the local industry that deals with web, video , and news production. It is not the academies intention to push student into a career as a web designer or producer. We simply want to show students they can be successful in a college like setting and persuade them into continuing their education at a post secondary institute. However, if web, video, journalism, or game design is their career of choice, this is the academy that will give them an edge in the media and communications job market place!

Some Reasons Why Students Should Join MCA:

• Earn Industry Certifications

• Earn College Credits

• Learn from Industry Experienced Instructors

• Earn Internships

• Level 2 Classes Have Weighted Grades (Honors)

What Happens After MCA:

• College Bound Through our agreement with Polk State College we are able to offer dual enrollment classes on our campus during the regular school day, which are taught by our instructors. This allows for our students to earn up to 6 college credits. This will greatly assist students with future college classes.

• Work Through School Some MCA graduates will choose to work while at college. Students will be able to acquire a job within a multimedia communications field of study gaining them more experience and potentially a higher paying job versus minimum wage.

• Straight to Work The certifications earned throughout MCA are nationally recognized by industry and increases the level of employability. With the amount of experience and credential earned through the MCA, academy students stand out among other students with just a standard high school diploma.