Multimedia Communications Academy Applications

Application and Admission Requirements for All Academy Students

  • A student should have a genuine interest in the career area for which the student is applying.

  • The applicant may not have a past history of consistent, serious discipline problems as defined by the Code of Student Conduct.

  • Students zoned for the academy’s school will be given first priority. Out of zone students may transfer into an academy based on space availability.

  • Transportation will not be provided by the school district for out of zone transfers.

  • If a student is accepted into a high school career academy but prior to entering that program is reassigned to a district discipline program or expelled due to a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, he/she will be considered ineligible for admission.

  • Out-of-zone students who leave a career academy must return to their zoned school. Out-of-zone seniors who leave an academy will not be able to remain at the out-of zone school through the use of a “senior transfer.”

  • FCAT Scores: In the event that an incoming 9th grader does not pass the 8th grade FCAT he or she may be required to take intensive Math or Reading. These remedial courses may take up elective space within the students schedule thus not allowing room for academy classes. If this is the case the student would be ineligible for acceptance into the academy.

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