International Deaf Awareness Week!

This week we are celebrating International Deaf Awareness Week! This is a time when deaf communities around the globe celebrate their uniqueness and reflect upon advocacy and education of marginalized people.

We need your help! Please vote for our Dreadnaught graduate, Shawn Daniels, as he pursues his college education at Gallaudet University in the Presidential Honors program. Shawn is the FIRST Dreadnaught DHH student to attend Gallaudet. Gallaudet is the premiere university for deaf individuals and is considered the Mecca of the Deaf community.

Vote here:

A common question: Is sign language universal?  Answer: No.   There are as many signed languages as there are spoken, maybe more, as many are undocumented.

Curious? Check out this Deaf world traveler: Seek the World

Our DHH students will be sharing Vlogs with you later in the week, stay tuned!


Ms Jackson, Ms Kearns, and the SignNaughts Crew